World’s longest-crowing chicken can crow for up to 60 seconds


Have you ever wondered how long can a rooster crow? Well, this video proves that they can crow for a very long time.

Back before alarm clocks take the charge to wake us up early in the morning, roosters have been known to provide the natural alarm clock that will never fail to wake you up in the morning.

While most roosters crow in a short burst of crowing, there are some unique roosters which have the ability to crow for up to 60 seconds!

These long-crowing breeds of chicken are extremely rare and they have been known to extend a single crow for over 30 seconds.

Japanese breed Tomaru is one the many breeds of long-crowing chicken and it is reported that one Tomaru could cost up to $2,000

Unlike the breeds that are used in cockfighting which can be quite aggressive sometimes, these long-crowing chickens are gentle and friendly. This is because the crowing competitions are difficult to hold if the birds are aggressive.

In certain parts of the world like Turkey and Japan, the crowing competitions are primarily held and receive wide popularity

Do not be surprised by how long these long-crowing chickens can crow. You might mistake their crowing as police siren!

Check out the video here

Credit: National Geographic | The Way of The Chicken


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