20-year-old male gorilla is dubbed as “The Most Handsome and Photogenic Gorilla In The World”


Meet 20-year-old gorilla from Nagoya, Japan who makes female visitors go crazy over his hunky and masculine looks, Shabani.

Thanks to his ridiculously-photogenic skills and heart-melting gaze, Shabani is the recent attraction at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens. He moved to the zoo in 2007.

Previously, Shabani spent his formative years at Taronga Zoo near the Sydney Harbour

Thanks to his broad shoulders, chiseled jaws, and masculine looks, Shabani has been gaining popularity at the zoo

According to zoo officials, female visitors have been flocking the zoo since Shabani’s mugshot went viral on Twitter

The popular ape receives as many as 100 visitors at a time who are eager to catch a glimpse of the handsome gorilla

Apart from being called by his real name, Shabani has also been nicknamed ‘ikemen’, meaning ‘handsome guy’ in Japanese

Shabani usually spends his day flexing his muscle and enjoying his fame

On his busy days, he can be found doing his duty as Higashiyama’s official spokesman and shooting advertisements for candies and cakes

Unfortunately, the hunky gorilla is already taken

Shabani had two wives, Ai and Nene, whom he have two children with, Kiyomasi and Annie

However, the gorilla never refuses his fans’ request to take photos together so if you are in Japan, head to Higashiyama Zoo to see the good-looking gorilla for yourself.

Before that, why not watch these video of him here

Credit: Telegraph | Fox13 | Bored Panda 


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