Andrea Bocelli and son Matteo perform a powerful and emotional rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”


Everyone knows how amazing when the tenor artist  Andrea Bocelli sings—he is just simply spectacular.

But what some do not know is that he has a very talented son named Matteo Bocelli, a younger version of him that is currently paving his way to stardom just like his father.

Thanks to the good genes he got from his father, many have compared the 21-year-old man to his father.

Most importantly, not only does he look like the younger version of Andrea, Matteo is also musically talented

Like Andrea, Matteo is also a classical singer. One of Matteo’s most exceptional duos was with his father.

Matteo first appeared in Andrea’s recent single, “Fall On Me” which has been getting positive responses from around the globe

The father-son duo also sings in English and Italian in a heartwarming tribute to each other

Apparently, Matteo and Andrea are not the only ones who are gifted in music in their family. Andrea’s older son, Amos also appears in his father’s latest album where he lends his amazing piano skills in one of the tracks in the album.

Now, after their sensational duet, Andrea and Matteo surprise their fans with a beautiful rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect Symphony”

Their rendition is definitely a must-listen as the rendition is both emotional and powerful. Even if you are not a fan of classical music, we are sure that their rendition of “Perfect Symphony” will resonate with your heart.

Watch the father-son duo performing a beautiful rendition of “Perfect Symphony” here


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