Baby elephant saved by group of brave men amidst strong river current


A baby elephant was being swept away by the strong current of a flooding river in Kenya but luckily, these brave men were there to save the day.

Guests and staffs at Samburu National Reserve gained praises from around the world after their quick action on rescuing a baby elephant from being swept away in the strong current of Ewaso Nyiro river.

The river was experiencing strong current from the recent flooding.

One bystander managed to capture the amazing rescue on camera which shows guests and staff from Elephant Bedroom Camp in the dramatic rescue operation

The group of volunteered rescuers was captured swimming to the middle of the river in an attempt to save the baby elephant from drowning

Luckily, the baby elephant was managed to be rescued by the group of staffers and guests as they successfully brought the tiny mammal to the bank of the river

According to EBC, the baby elephant was later sent to Reteti Elephant Orphanage located in Namunyak Conservancy Samburu with help of Save the Elephants organization and Samburu National Reserve rangers.

Even though the baby elephant was found almost drowning in the river’s strong current, the elephant calf was reported recovering well from the incident after getting a few days of rest in the orphanage center for animals.

Watch how these heroic rescuers performed a dangerous rescue to save a baby elephant from being swept away in a river 

Source: The Dodo


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