Dog looks guilty after being caught splashing and playing in owner’s inflatable pool


Baxter the dog was enjoying taking a dip in the inflatable pool when he realised that someone was watching him.

The Schnauzer was happily splashing around in the pool but his owner, Jerry Gordon looked out the window to watch his antics.

Realising that someone seemed to be watching him playing and splashing around in the pool, the dog quickly paused

It was at that moment that Baxter caught Jerry recording him!

The dog made eye contact and quickly stepped out of the pool.

The video also shows Baxter looking stunned for a few seconds when he noticed that he has been captured on camera for quite a while

The cheeky dog even acted as if nothing had happened as he barked at Jerry.

Jerry later shared the hilarious video of Baxter on his Facebook. To his surprise, the video immediately made rounds on social media

The video has been viewed over 22 million times on Jerry’s Facebook alone! It has received 34,000 likes and 55,000 comments. It has also been shared 452,000 times!

“Oops! I got caught,” Jerry wrote on the caption to describe Baxter’s amusing antics.

According to Jerry, Baxter is so full of life and the dog is constantly entertaining him and his family.

Watch the hilarious video of Baxter here

Source: Facebook/Jerry Gordon


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