Heartwarming friendship between Mario the lonely goose and his human best friend, Dominic


A Gray Toulouse named Mario loves to stroll around Echo Park Lake in Los Angeles but he is not alone. 

Unlike his fellow geese which prefer the company of their own species, Mario loves to spend time with his human friend, Dominic Ehrler.

The unlikely pair came to a spotlight when their close friendship went viral. Like true best friends, Mario can often be found waddling along the lake as Dominic walks next to him

Ehrler said that their friendship was not planned. The two met at the lake and since then, they became close to each other

In an interview with BBC’s Odd Animal Couples in 2011, Ehrler said, “Mario came right up to me and looked up at me so innocently and I just fell in love just like that.”

He added, “When you fall in love with a goose, you’ve got to be aware of what you’re getting involved with.

“They bond for life so I feel like I have a certain sense of responsibility.”

Since the two became friends, Mario always hangs out together with Dominic.

He even tried to follow Dominic to go back home

It was suspected that the goose was raised by humans prior to him living at Echo Park Lake, hence, it explained why Mario was attracted to form a friendship with Dominic.

Nevertheless, both Dominic and Mario definitely make a great pair of best friends!

Watch the heartwarming video of their friendship here

Credit: Life Changing Videos | Laist


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