Woman suffers from paralysed fingers after playing video games on smartphones non-stop for days


Smartphones are generally has become a prevalent part of our daily lives today but that does not mean that we should be busy playing with the phone and take a break while using it.

Otherwise, there is a high chance that you might end up like this woman.

Pear Video reported that a woman from Hunan, Changsha was diagnosed with tenosynovitis, the inflammation which occurs on the fluid-filled surrounding the tendon

This is usually caused by repeating the same motion every day without much break in between.

It happened after the woman who was suffering from severe pain spent her long-week leave by playing video games on her smartphone without a break

According to Pear Video, the unnamed woman only took down her phone when she went to bed. Even after a few days later in which she was still experiencing severe pain in her fingers, the woman continued to use her smartphone.

It was when she was unable to move her fingers and that her fingers were stuck in the position of holding her smartphone that she realized that something had gone wrong

Thankfully, since she sought for medical attention immediately after her fingers were paralysed, her fingers’ condition was able to be reversed. It is said that she soon regained full control of her fingers like she used to.

If you are an avid gamer like the woman, it is advised that you take a brief break from time to time to rest your hand.

Source: Pear Video | World of Buzz 


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