Young Cambodian boy who can speak 15 languages received aid and the chance to be a singer in China


Persistence and hard-work has definitely paid off for this young Cambodian boy when he tried to sell off some souvenirs on the fateful day by speaking eight different languages to a lady tourist. After the video went viral, now he managed to get financial aid and also a chance to be a singer. 

A lady tourist named Venus was so amazed by the boy’s ability to converse in more than eight languages in order to sell her souvenirs that she posted the three minutes video online, hoping that it would raise awareness to children who are struggling in their day-to-day lives.

Venus and the talented Cambodian boy named Thuch Salik

The video went viral and has received many responses and comments on how the talented the boy is and how he would turn out as a capable young man if given the opportunity.

It has even caught the attention of China-based media company which has then offered him and his family the opportunity to travel to Beijing, China on a fully-funded trip.

The young boy is 14-year-old, Thuch Salik, who can speak in fifteen languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and French.

The producer of the media company has also invited him to sing on stage during his visit and if the results are promising, they will offer to groom Thuch Salik and provide trainings to make him into a real singer.

Not only that, Thuch Salik’s family has received aid and support from The Cambodian Red Cross Society which would enable him to continue with his education.

This is also great news for his 10-year-old younger brother, Tol Tithya, as both of them will get the education that they needed. Same like his brother, Tol is multi-lingual and can speak in ten languages.

In order to survive, the brothers picked up the languages from tourists, hoping that they would be able to sell and earn more for the family.

It is widely known that most children in Asian countries have the same plight as them. We definitely hope that all children in the same situation would be as lucky as Thaksin and his little brother.

It must have been a joyous day for the whole family. Check out the viral video below if you have missed it earlier on.

Source: Sinchew


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