Meet Able, the cat who hops around like a kangaroo after losing front legs to massive electrocution


Able the cat may look super adorable in his impersonation of a kangaroo when he moves around using only his hind legs. However, there is a heartbreaking story behind this.

When the cat was only one year old, he accidentally fell on a loose wire after falling from the roof trying to catch a bird.

The loose wire electrocuted the feline and the massive electric shock nearly killed him

Fortunately, the cat survived from the ordeal but the severe injuries cost him both of his front legs.

The electric shock also caused him to lose his tail

Luckily, Walai Sriboonvorakul discovered the cat stranded in an alley somewhere in Chiang Mai, Thailand after the incident and immediately brought him back home where she nursed the cat back to health.

Now, four years late after the ordeal, Able has fully regained his health and had learned how to walk on his hind legs

The strong-willed cat has even mastered climbing and walking down the stairs, jumping like kangaroos and even chasing after another cat

The woman named the cat “Able” to acknowledge his effort recovering from the ordeal and continue living like other normal cats.

The adorable cat also has a sibling named Fin Fin who cannot use her hind legs

Just like her brother, Fin Fin remains a lively and optimistic cat

The two are totally inseparable.

Watch how Able the cat moves around his home using just hind legs here

Credit: Daily Mail 


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