Tiny hummingbird in America swiftly changes into 20 different colors in mere seconds


We have seen Sixto & Lucia breaking new records and making slick moves in changing clothes on America’s Got Talent. But have you considered seeing that quick change of fashion in an animal?

Tucked away in the west coast of North America is the country’s native species; Anna’s hummingbird. Scientifically known as Calypte anna, this medium-sized bird is known for its great color change that acts as safety and precaution against predators.

The small design of the body is to secure Anna’s hummingbird survival in heights from flying to living in tall trees

Seen perched on a branch, the bird’s original color is authentically made of several shades of dark green with a grey colored belly

With a turn of its head, this hummingbird swiftly changes from green to shades of pink and yellow on its head

Subsequently on every small tilt and turn of its head, the color changes from light yellow, orange, pink to bright green

The surprise lies here. It is not the feathers that changed the colors. It is actually our perception and the reaction to light!

It’s the angle, not the feathers, that determine what color we see

The National Audubon Society’s field director, Kenn Kaufman, shared that the color change perception is caused by reflective light from the feathers and continue saying that, “a good comparison would be a thin layer of oil on water.”

That’s the secret of Anna’s hummingbird! They just let light and angle to do their work. Be amazed with the work of nature in the video below.

Video credit: LabofOrnithology


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