Malaysian single mother quits day job to run chili plantation, earns USD 7,170 from first harvest


Not everyone is courageous enough to take a leap of faith by resigning from a day job to start a business on their own but for this single mother, it seems that she has taken the right choice. 

Nur Hashirah, a 38-year-old Malaysian woman chose to resign from her day job at a private company where she was working for three years to run a chili plantation business.

According to the local newspaper, Harian Metro, the single mother made the decision after learning that her friend is making a decent income from running a chili plantation in Kluang, Johor

Source: Harian Metro

“Although I have no experience in doing business, I didn’t hesitate to quit my job. In fact, my siblings, especially my brother, supported my decision.

“I learned the fertigation technique from Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan Kuala Langat (Kuala Langat Farmer’s Association) before renting a piece of land measuring 1.2 hectares in Bukit Pelanduk. I then forked out RM24,000 (USD 5,736) for some fertigation equipment and bought 2,000 chili saplings,” Nur Hasmirah said.

Nur Hashirah later bought an additional 4,000 chili plants where she plants at her plantation in Bukit Pelanduk, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

Her chili plants quickly increased to 6,000 plants and five months later, her crops were ready to be harvested.

From the 2,000 plants, the woman managed to harvest five tonnes of chilis worth RM 30,000 (USD 7,170) which further motivated her to continue the business

Source: Business Insider

“Every day, I would go to the plantation to check on the chili plants. I chose to grow chillis because they’re easy to care for and don’t require a lot of manpower if you’re using modern technology.

“With the fertigation system in place, I don’t have to do any ploughing, weeding or applying pesticide to the plants. Moreover, the modern irrigation system saves me a lot of hassle. I just need to install a timer to the water supply system and it will automatically supply water at a pre-determined time,” she further said.

Apart from growing chilis in her plantation, Nur Hashirah also diversifies her crops where she also grows cucumber and rockmelons to keep up with the market demand.

“Working under the sun and rain is not a problem for me because I am motivated. I won’t look back because I’m doing this for my livelihood,” she said.

Credit: World of Buzz


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