Study shows single women who can’t find boy friends is because they are ‘too smart’


Can’t emphasize this enough! After all these years, men are not entitled in objectifying women and women don’t need men to feel complete or beautiful.

In some culture especially in Asia, women are often labelled as “old maid” and “spinster” when they are still not married by 30 years old. This form of social stigma has got to end especially when in fact, studies have found that single women are smarter!

Your IQ and your relationship status are interrelated so being single means you’re actually ‘too smart’ to attract opposite sex 

Research in Yale University focuses on the ratio of higher education among men and women. Women have now surpassed men in their number of higher education graduates.

So, it explains that women now find it more difficult to find men who are of the same intellectual degree.

Smart women are physically and emotionally more independent 

Being smart means women behave in more rationale with careful thinking, effective problem solver as well as analytical. There will be less nonsense of love at first sight or one night stands.

Smart women knows how to enjoy their time alone with individual activities and thoughts

Since single women normally runs solo, they are well-versed in ways of amusing themselves whether it is from dining alone, watching a movie in the cinema without a company and could even go solo travelling abroad!

More focus on self-improvement and achieving dreams

No boyfriend weights to carry on your shoulders so women pays attention in realizing their own dreams from career, life fulfillment and etc. Smart women have more time for themselves to find their own importance in life.

With all the reasons above, there are absolutely no shame in being or staying out of a relationship! Love is a life experience to msot people so never think that everyone should ever feel the same.



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