Horrorstruck—kids get terrorized by people dressed as mascots and the results will make you laugh


You’ve definitely heard of kids being afraid of clowns, but have you ever heard of kids horrified by mascots?

Compared to clowns, mascots are usually cuter and more accepted as they are representation of animals or characters but with more animated features.

This video compilation of kids’ reactions to mascots was shared on Facebook page Vs. and has since garnered over 674,000 views. The kids are of different ethnicity and ages but their reactions to mascots are the same. It left the adults howling with laughter while they comforted their kids.

Look at their horrified faces when they saw the mascot walking towards them during a ball game!

High-fived and screamed!

Slowly crawls away from this huge smiling thing…

Why is he following me?!

What just touched me!!!

Don’t leave us alone with that scary creature, Mom and Dad!

I don’t want an ice cream that looks like that ugly thing!

Get it away from me…

Her birthday is ruined!


Run the opposite direction now! 

Let’s hope the kids’ fears don’t turn into anything more than a childhood fear! We don’t want them to have a phobia of masks, also called masklophobia.


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