How Japanese cleaning crew clean the entire Shinkansen bullet train in just 7 miraculous minutes


Japanese people are known for their high level of responsibility, respect for others as well as being extremely punctual. It is innate in their cultural upbringing to make every activity in their daily life more efficient.

Again and again, they have never failed the world and us, the foreigners. Among all the exciting and interesting things to see in Japan, here is one more to add to your travelling list!

The fastest bullet train in Japan–the Shinkansen–could be cleaned in just 7 minutes.  And there are 343 Shinkansen trains in Japan.

Called the TESSEI cleaning crew, they queue by the rail side before the countdown of 7 minutes start.

Getting their weapons ready!

When all passengers have disembarked, each person is in charge of cleaning one car each

Each car has about 100 seats so one person is enlisted to clean all these seats in just the short amount of time.

From picking trash, mopping floors, opening shields to wiping tray tables, they will make sure everything is spotless for the new passengers

It boils down to only 12 seconds for each row. How fast are they?

Before confirming their car is spotless, they will even check the overhead luggage racks for any items or rubbish

When everything is cleaned, a secret button is pressed to rotate the car seats to face the new direction 

The proudest thing is, the average age for these workers is 52 years old

And they clean about 20 cars during each shift!

After finishing their work, they will stand in the line and bow in pride of their job

Watch the video below to see the behind-the-scenes of the cleaners:

Video credit: Tokyo


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