One boy’s kindergarten promise to marry the girl of his dreams was kept and fulfilled 20 years later


“A promise is a promise” as the old saying goes which means that once a promise is made, it should be kept no matter what it is in order to follow through with the commitment. Children are exempted from this rule though as they are not expected to keep most of the promises they make because they sometimes don’t realize the weight of what it means to make a promise and follow through with the declaration.

When Matt Grodsky was in preschool, he had stepped up right in front of his class and declared that one day he’d marry his best friend at the time, Laura Scheel. Nobody took the announcement seriously and simply laughed it off. Lo and behold to everyone’s surprise, he had kept his word because twenty years he fulfilled the promise he made that day in front of his class.

Matt said “As kids, Laura taught me how to ride the swings, draw rolling hills, and the ‘right way’ to properly eat string cheese”

Credits: Matt Grodsky

Matt and Laura were extremely close but drifted apart when they entered Elementary school. The only way they kept in touch were by the annual Christmas cards their families would send to one another during the holidays

Credits: Matt Grodsky

As fate would have it, they reconnected by chance through a mutual friend in high school and after a couple of weeks of catching up, they officiated their relationship by becoming boyfriend-girlfriend


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Even though they attended different colleges, the couple made the relationship work and they persevered despite the long distance  

Credits: Matt Grodsky

Matt loved Laura from when they were still children as he says, “I was enamored with Laura as a child, and I still am to this day”

Credits: Matt Grodsky

In 2015, Matt remembered the pledge he made in front of his class years ago and decided to honor it as he proposed to Laura when they visited their old preschool together 

Credits: Laura Grodsky

Their story has since spread like wildfire and they’ve gone viral on the internet because people can’t seem to get enough of the couple’s love for one another and their amazing circumstance

Credits: Laura Grodsky

They were were even interviewed by Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie on their exceedingly popular talk show not too long ago. Watch the video below:


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