One of UK’s worst primary school’s fate is changed as this new young headteacher used revolutionary ways to turn around the situation


Everyone deserves a second chance. With patience and effort, everything can be achieved as long as the right mind is set on it. At 27 years old, Sam Coy shows the world how it is done.

Coy spent a fair time teaching in Nottingham and engaging with under-privileged children in Lincoln before he was transferred to one of Britain’s worst school; the Benjamin Adlard School.

Upon entering, he had to deal with 210 primary school pupils who were academically-neglected and were struggling for years

There were many Year Six students who were lagging up to 9 terms in some subjects when compared with the national standard of academic lessons.

Ofsted has labeled the school ‘Inadequate’ for weak leadership and low expectations for its students

Ofsted is the government Office for Standards in Education in UK that inspect and regulate service care for children and young people.

Coy didn’t give up and is determined to turn the fate around by playing with his new ideas

Offering rewards schemes, football afternoons, chocolate parties and etc, Coy got the students interested to learn

He also built a forest garden for kids to calm down by engaging with nature and farm animals.

In just 1 year, Ofsted examined the school again and labelled it from ‘Inadequate’ to ‘Good’

Truancy class lessons are no longer an issue. Now, 7 out of 10 children in the school are achieving academically.

Benjamin Adlard School even won Pearson national award, School of the Year: Making a Difference

Coy’s efforts have definitely changed the lives for these needy children forever!


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