A tribe in Philippines skillfully carved and made their own bikes using only wood from trees


There are motorbikes, bicycles, electric bikes, scooters and many more in our modernized 21st century world. Innovation is key to improve the traditional ways.

However, here in Philippines, innovation is the answer to making the modern into traditional in many unthinkable creative ways. A special tribe in this Asian country shows how they carve bicycles from wood!

An aborigine tribe in Philippines, the Igolot-Garonne is known for their excellent wood-carving skills

They are notably remembered for their special techniques and skills passed down from generations!

Their specialty is the amusement bikes that are carved and sourced 100% from trees

Each wood-bicycle is different in appearance showing each woodman’s interest and skills

The front of the two-wheeled vehicle is designed mostly with an animal-motif from a horse head, dragon, lion and etc

They have indeed became quite a spectacle that adds an extra flavor to the local landscape. To ride, they will put on their best cultural costume, in bright red and rolls down the street with their invention.

They take serious pride in their own bikes that probably took years of skills to polish and more months to complete

To add to the excitement, the bikes have no brakes and pedals to stop or accelerate so it requires added skills to learn how to ride it

There’s just so many amazing things in the world and this Igolot-Garonne tribe definitely shows what it means to downright unique and talented!


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