Heartwarming moments when strangers console and give support to emotional high school student—kindness is everywhere


South Korea is infamous for their challenging living standards and expectations in the country. Therefore, it is not a surprise that school teenagers feel the burden coming on to them with their exams.

The high school and university entrance exams will determine the students’ entire future so it is really hard for them to cope when the stress is too much.

One student breaks down in public and the reaction around them is a surprise!

The first lady offered the girl consolation hugs and water so that she could calm down and hydrate herself.

The second lady tried to make her feel better by offering to have lunch together.

The third woman gave a really soothing advice on winning own’s battle with overwhelming emotions and relayed kind words to the student.
While the girl continued to cry on her own, a female jogger quickly approached her and console her as if she was her own child.
One viewer also commented, “Nothing beats the mannerisms of a mother or a parent. When the lady in the green shirt walked over I knew straight away that she was a mother. So touching.”

We can only hope that people will be more kind to each other and lend support to people in need.

But most importantly, if you need help, remember that it is okay to be vulnerable and reach out!

Watch the full reactions in the video below:

Source: Cocomy


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