Johnny Depp is super friendly to his fans by trying to sign every autograph requests on the red carpet until his bodyguards pull him away


The 21st century sees Johnny Depp as a talented man in many fantasy movies. The popular ones remain to be the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Alice in Wonderland, and the most recent one is the movie sequel to Harry Potter series; the Fantastic Beasts.

As usual, the stars of the show were promoting the movie from province to countries  and fans realized something about him. Depp seems to be living in his own version of fantasy on the red carpet!

The utter surprise is: Depp couldn’t leave his fans alone 

Depp shows serious love to his fans by giving them signatures on the posters, book, and anything they’re holding

At 55 years old, Depp has never forgotten about the people who supported him and waited at each event to catch a glimpse of the star.

He’s so passionate to his fans that his bodyguard had to take serious measures!

His bodyguard had to drag him away for spending so much time with his fans

This happened in almost all the other movie releases too!

The hilarious thing is, it is the same bodyguard who pull him away from Depp’s fans all the time

Although stern, the look on the bodyguard’s face is really funny!

So, if you were to meet Depp at the red carpet, don’t be angry at him if he didn’t manage to shake your hand or give you a signature. Laugh at his bodyguard instead!


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