Pregnant mom is not expecting to greet her baby bump and give birth to this record-breaking baby


The most magical thing about expecting a baby is that you already love the little human in the making, even without meeting the baby yet! So in whatever shapes or sizes that the baby comes in, you would just fall head over heels for it.

Pregnant with her third baby, Christine Corbitt, is still surprised by her newborn even though she knew she has had large babies in the past. Her latest newborn shocked everyone in the delivery room with its large size!

From Florida, Corbitt has expected her baby to be heavy and probably close to 10 pounds

Based on her previous records, her other 2 babies averaged at 10 pounds in deliveries so Corbitt is ready to face another large-sized delivery. Corbitt was anemic during her pregnancy but her baby bump got too big. So, she has to deliver via a C-section, a few days before the baby’s due date.

Unknowingly, her newborn weighed a whopping 13 pounds and looked like a toddler!

One of the doctors even laughed after looking at this newborn baby girl! She is larger than normal size babies that weigh at average 8 pounds.

This record-breaking baby is named Carleigh 

It came as a total surprise because large babies are usually born several days after their due date but Carleigh came in a week earlier than usual.

None the less, the Colbitt family are happy with their beautiful and healthy baby girl

Watch Carleigh’s cute and healthy development through this follow-up video!

Video credit: Erica Simon


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