Adorable baby squirrel refuses to be ‘wild’ and adopted human habits because it was raised by humans


Cared by humans since birth, a special squirrel named Thumbelina became familiar with the human species and picked up habits from them. It all started when a man found the tiny baby nested on its human bed.

When baby Thumbelina was borned, her mother had built a nest for her and her sibling made from small twigs and dried pine cones.

However, the location was not on a tree nor among bushes. It was built on a bed.

That was when wildlife conservationists, Michael and his wife, Christina, was called in to help with the incident.

The couple tried to reunite the mother squirrel with her babies, but the babies do not seem to interest her anymore. Sadly, Thumbelina’s sibling died and mother squirrel never came back.

Determined to save the remaining baby squirrel, Michael and Christina adopted and took Thumbelina under their care.

Their dedication soon paid off because Thumbelina soon started to gain strength and grow.

However, due to her being an out-of-season baby and grew up without the company of other squirrels, Thumbelina grew up isolated from any form of squirrel contact.

Thumbelina’s every movement is considered slow by squirrel standards. While other baby squirrels do not bother with drinking milk, Thumbelina is a seasoned pro with milk bottles and loves eating human food!

She also dislikes jumping and climbing, preferring to walk instead and sit gracefully like a lady.

Although Michael and Christina have tried their best to introduce other squirrels to her, she rejects them and disassociate from them.

She is now two years old and loves her parents dearly. She also hates extreme physical activities, cold weather and vacuum cleaners.

Source: Bored Panda


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