Founder of company pays it forward by showing generosity to employees in need, this includes an interest-free loan for all


Lucidity Enterprise Co. Ltd., Taiwan’s largest vehicle lighting manufacturer, is a second-home to its employees where they received help and support in many ways. The man behind all this is their 60-year-old company founder, Wayne Huang.

Huang, who built the company from scratch, grew up in a very poor family.

“When I was a child, I used to follow my father to set up a roadside stall. Those days were really poor!”, he shared.

Luckily, his neighbors look out for each other and lend a helping hand whenever his family had difficulties. Since then, he pledged to help others who are in need.

Fast forward to years later, Huang pays it forward to his underprivileged employees in various ways.

There is an employee-loan-free program for everyone.

As long as justifiable, employees can borrow money without interests from the company!

“If we can help free an employee from debt-troubles, there would be one less broken family in the society,” said Huang.

He has also established a ‘fertility reward’ program.

The general fertility rate is low in Taiwan, so, to promote more offsprings among newlywed employees, Huang would offer money rewards for each child born! The employees would receive around US$1,000, US$3,000, and US$4,800 respectively for the first up to the third baby borned.

Huang also offers employment opportunities for people with physical and mental disabilities.

He has a production line in the factory which is entirely operated by employees with disabilities.

His efforts in promoting equal chances was even applauded by the Ministry of Labor as a “warm-hearted enterprise” and was awarded the “excellent manufacturer” title.

One of the deaf employees was so thankful for Huang’s kindness that he vowed to continue working for the company until he retires.

Truly, happiness and wealth can only be doubled when shared with others!

How many of us can say that we love our bosses? Would you invite him over for Thanksgiving dinner? Well, over 400 employees in this company would!

Source: FTV News


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