This adorable 2-year-old baby dancing to his favorite song is enough to make you happy for the rest of the day


A lot of people enjoy dancing at a very early age, but not as early as this little charmer right here. This video of a baby dancing to his favorite song might be the happy pill that you really need right now!

The 2-year-old, William Stokkebroe, amazed the audience when he suddenly took his spot in the middle of the dance floor. Showcasing his most refined moves, this dancing superstar started dancing as soon as he heard his favorite song Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley.

Started by throwing his hands in the air before feeling the groove with his whole body, William energetically performed his dance.

Credit: Studie43/YouTube

Being the son to couple dancers Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe from Studie43, William impressed everyone with his baby jive as he mimed the song and excitedly danced with his cute little limbs.

He must have seen a lot of dances in his days to be able to confidently show what he learned. We are amazed!

William perfecting his jive in front of the crowd and enjoying himself!

Credit: Studie43/YouTube

This adorable baby not only brought joy but also laughter to the crowd as everyone cracked up upon seeing his perfect ending at the end of his dance.

William finished his stunning performance wearing a proud face as he did his best and gave his proud bow before calmly walked away from the stage. Such a perfect ending!

William bowed as he completed his dance performance beautifully.

Credit: Studie43/YouTube

The audience can’t help to cheer and clap to this little angel for his brilliant performance! We are definitely smiling while watching the video and think that this video is enough to keep us going for the rest of the day!

William and his father, Peter Stokkebroe.

Credit: CPH Post

Watch the full video of William dancing below;

Credit: Studie43/Youtube


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