Watch this dog heroically saves a goal-line during soccer match in Argentina


Is crashing events some sort of trend going on within the animal community these days? Previously we have cat hilariously crashed a runway and stole all the spotlight, this time we have dog crashing into a soccer match!

You must have heard of Tim Howard, the former United States national soccer team goalkeeper, but have you heard about this ‘goalkeeper’ dog in Argentina?

According to Metro UK, Juventud Unida was already ahead against Defensores de Belgrano in the game when a dog suddenly made a totally unexpected cameo. The dog came to the rescue when it prevented a goal with an incredible goal-line clearance on Sunday.

Belgrano goalkeeper is ready to kick the ball out of the zone.

Credit: Youtube

Juventud already scored 3-0 at that time and looked to set their fourth goal.

However, Belgrano goalkeeper accidentally kicked the ball against Juventud striker.

Credit: Youtube

The Juventud striker was quick to see his chance towards the empty unguarded goal and kicked the ball.

However, a dog out of nowhere suddenly barged into the field and used the point of his nose to dink the ball away from the goal-line! The ball looked certain to cross the line but this dog’s heroic appearance to the scene denied Juventud’s its fourth goal.

Unfortunately, the dog’s act of deflecting the ball could not inspire a dramatic comeback of Defensores de Belgrano as they fell to a 3-0 defeat.

This dog probably feels responsible to defend the open goal and sprint into his heroic action.

Credit: Youtube

Juventud Unida must be relieved that the sudden and unbelievable incident did not impact the final score of the match, but many fans online called for the dog to be given a full-time contract with the club!

Many of the fans insisted that this dog determination and athleticism would definitely improve and positively help the Belgrano defense. You bet!

Sounds unbelievable to you? Watch this video here;

We hope the dog will find someone he can play soccer with very soon!

Source: Metro UK


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