Lady was caught carrying bags with heroin inside but the bag does not belong to her—she was just trying to help out in the airport


Things did not go smoothly for this lady from Hong Kong who was travelling alone and she became a scapegoat for drug trafficking across international waters. Now, that is a serious offense!

In her 50s, Lin Yiying went to Malaysia to visit her relatives. She last tasted freedom when she was about to leave the country.

If you don’t know, Malaysia is a gateway for traffickers around the world to transit drugs, endangered animals, pelts and so on.

Approached by an elderly to assist in carrying the luggage, Lin was caught red-handed with drugs in her possession at the Penang airport.

Authorities found 1.8kg of heroin in the baggage. If found guilty, Lin can be charged with death penalty in Malaysia.

For years now, Lin’s mother has been trying to save her kind daughter who has been wrongly imprisoned in Malaysia.

She has went to the Amnesty International Hong Kong Chapter and asked the Hong Kong Chief Executive to write a letter for pardon but no avail.

Freshly graduate from high school, Lin’s son now join the efforts in rescuing his mother through various channels.

It is so sad that Lin’s kindness is paid with malice.

Sometimes, being alone and feeling anxious with your surroundings is not a bad thing. It can heighten our sense of awareness with the people around us.

Therefore, please be extra cautious when you want to help others next time as people might just take advantage of you! Please share this article to inform your friends as well!

Source: BLDaily


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