Garbage man father made less than $10 a day to support his family of 6 and insisted on his children’s education—it all paid off when daughter brings home college degree


Cristito Quimado is a hardworking father from the Philippines who has been working as a garbage man since 20 years ago. This amazing 51-year-old dad of 4 children woke up as early as 3 AM everyday to report to work at 4 AM and starts his day.

Started working extremely early in the morning is not an easy thing to do, but he did this for the past 20 years.

Credit: GMA Public Affairs/Youtube

“My job is not easy, I handle all kinds of wastes. I’d always get scratches from shards of broken glass,” Quimado told GMA news network.

“As a father, you will do everything just to support the needs of your family. You can endure any kinds of job for your family as long as it is not illegal.”

Not as easy as it looks, Quimado got scratches while collecting garbage. 

Credit: GMA Public Affairs/Youtube

Even when Quimado barely makes $10 a day, he is always thankful for what he’s doing. Determination to send the children to college is his biggest motivation that keeps him going. Quimado prioritizes his children’s education more than anything in the world and always made sure to set aside a portion of money for their schooling.

“It’s hard to have a big family, but I strive for them. There are times when we don’t have money for food…Education is the only thing I can leave for my children.”

Credit: GMA Public Affairs/Youtube

Quimado collects other people’s trash with his coworker.

Credit: GMA Public Affairs/Youtube

Thanks to his hard work and unwavering efforts, Quimado successfully sent his eldest daughter, Jenny Rose Quimado to college. Making her father proud, Jenny graduated with a degree in Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and Food Technology.

Jenny did not disappoint his father’s years of hard work.

Credit: GMA Public Affairs/Youtube

Jenny with her college friends proudly holding their college degrees.

Credit: GMA Public Affairs/Youtube

“I cannot wait to start working so I can help in supporting my siblings’ studies too. I want to bring my father to good restaurants, I want to buy him nice clothes to wear. Thank you for always being there for us. I love you, father,” said Jenny.

Quimado also mentioned that his daughter was never once embarrassed about having a garbage man as father, but has always been very proud of who he is.

Quimado and his one happy family that he loves.

Credit: GMA Public Affairs/Youtube

“When people would ask what my job is, my daughter would always tell them that I am a garbage collector. She is not ashamed of what I do,” explained Quimado.

“I thank God for giving me my dad, he has a noble job. It’s okay even if his earnings are small, at least he’s not doing anything illegal.”

To his children, Quimado is definitely the best father they could ever have. We got teary-eyed listening to their inspiring stories.

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