Make Christmas a little warmer—scarves with heartwarming notes to encourage those in need to untie and use it to keep them warm


Recently countless people from all over the country—charity groups, athletic teams, churches, and kind-minded individuals were seen taking their old scarves or even use their passion for knitting to make the new ones and started tying them around the trees in parks.

A few scarves tied on a tree.

Credit: Chase the Chill in Winnipeg/Facebook

And more on every tree…

Credit: Chase the Chill in Winnipeg/Facebook

In a certain neighborhood, they were even tied on lamp poles along the roads.

Credit: Chase the Chill in Winnipeg/Facebook

Might seem weird in the first place, but the reason people have been doing this is actually for an amazing cause. These scarves are left for the homeless who were exposed to the dangerous and extremely cold winter.

The scarves are free to be taken by anybody who needs them.

Credit: Chase the Chill in Winnipeg/Facebook

As a way to care for the homeless in the community, each scarf comes with a heartwarming note that encourages those in need to untie the scarf from the tree and use it to keep them warm.

“I’m not lost. If you are cold and need me please take me.”

Credit: Alanna Devine/Facebook

“If you are down on your luck and find this gift in a tree, know that it is given with love and completely free,” wrote one of the notes.

Credit: The Shelby Star/Facebook

People who worked hard to tie these scarves are clearly a kind heart who truly care about the less fortunate and would be very glad to bring some Christmas joy to those who need it most!

One of the people involved in the project, Elizabeth Sammons told WCCO News about how amazing it is to help the homeless population.

“I think it’s a great thing we can do for the community. There are many people doing this, there is a lot of support. It’s really nice,” said Elizabeth.

Credit: WWCO News

She crochets hundreds of scarves for the homeless too.

Credit: WWCO News

As the temperature is dropping, hopefully, these scarves are able to provide a little warmth to the people who need it and make their Christmas a little warmer.

Source: BLes


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