Heartwarming reunion when dog finally gets to greet favorite postman who has been transferred to a different work location


A postman from Hsinchu, Taiwan made friend with a Shiba Inu called Protein in one of his delivery stops to his friend’s house. Since then, he would often pass by and stop to play with his lovely canine friend until he was transferred away to another work location. 

The postman has been delivering letters to his friend, Xu Huanyu’s house for six months and would never forget to greet Protein every single time! Clearly, the postman is very fond of this little pooch and the feeling is mutual.

Little Protein looking cute in his sleep.

According to Xu, every time Protein hears the sound of the postman’s motorcycle approaching, this adorable Shiba Inu will run its heart out to meet the postman while lovingly wags its tail.

Protein went out for a walk with his owner.

Credit: Xu HuanYu/Facebook

Looking at how excited Protein is, the postman would return the gesture by kneeling and play with Protein affectionately for a short moment before moving on to his next stop.

The close relationship of this dog and his favorite postman started when Protein was small and it continues until it is 8 months old.

The postman gets to see how much Protein has grown into a healthy big dog.

Credit: Xu HuanYu/Facebook

Unfortunately, the postman was said to be transferred to another location and both of them would no longer be able to meet each other anymore.

Protein would still run out everytime he hears the sound of a motorcycle, but just to be disappointed when it’s a different postman!

Luckily, the postman has probably missed Protein as much as the dog misses him, he made a surprise visit to the cute dog’s house. It was all recorded by his owner, Xu, who took a video of the short reunion.

Looks like Protein has been waiting for his favorite postman all this while!

As soon Protein sees him, it jumped onto his lap and excitedly greets its favorite postman!

Though we can’t really see the postman’s face in the video, it is clear that he also enjoys the reunion as he has been laughing the whole time while petting the dog.

What a beautiful friendship!

Watch their heartfelt reunion in this video.

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