Lesson learned from dad—Dad did not utter a single word and ate the burnt bread that mom served after a long day


This story is about a couple who displays good examples in front of their children and their actions should be made exemplary to everyone. In life, we need to take into considerations things that are good, bad and ugly. Together as husband and wife, we must go through this part of life and always look at things from a positive point of view.

The writer describes a touching story regarding her parents tolerating attitudes when she was still little and hoped that it becomes good advice to other couples.

When I was around eight or nine years old, my mum used to cook for us and prepared every meal.

One night, I remembered that my mum forced herself to cook for us even though she had a long and stressful day at work. Mum placed a plate with jam on it with some overly toasted bread in front of dad. The bread was so burnt that it really looked black in color.

I witnessed the incident and observed if anyone else noticed the burnt bread in front of dad. But to my surprise, dad spread jam over the bread and started to eat it. He noticed me looking at him and asked if I have finished my homework. I forgot what dad told me that day but I remembered that mum apologized to dad for serving him overly toasted bread. I can never forget what father’s words were that day, “Honey, I love burnt bread.”

Later that night, when I was about to wish my father good night, I asked him: “Do you really like to eat burnt bread?”

Father tapped on my shoulder and replied: “Your mum toiled hard at work today and is very tired. Eating burnt bread does not harm anyone but do you know what could harm a person? Unpleasant words!”

Father continued with his philosophy, “You must know that life is full of imperfections and a human is not perfect. Daddy is also not good in a lot of things. Daddy always forgets everyone’s birthdays and also me and mummy’s wedding anniversary.”

What I learned over the last few years were that we need to learn how to understand and accept the good and bad attitudes of our other half, choose to celebrate the different attitudes of one another willingly and happily. It is the key in creating a healthy, growing and lasting relationship. Human life is too short for regrets.

Love those who serve you kindly and feel sorry for those who serve you poorly.


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