Russian artist paints marine life while diving underwater to show off the beauty of the ocean


People take painting outdoors, into the mountains and beaches but this artist from Russia takes the art of painting to another level. By combining it with her other passion, she brings her canvas and paints with her while diving underwater.

Also a diving instructor, Olga Belka could be the first professional painter who brings her art to the depths of the ocean.

Based in Thailand, Belka is inspired to offer others a glimpse into the beauty of marine life when she is diving.

She believes that photographs cannot replicate the magic of the sea so it is best to capture the beauty of the sea directly through painting.

“Every time, while scuba diving, I want to capture the underwater beauty and share [my] impressions with other people . . . ” she shares. “I want to share my vision of the underwater kingdom with the world.”

To protect marine life, her paints and methods are eco-friendly to ensure she does not harm the environment.

Using a special technique of painting in salt water, it usually takes her 2 to 6 hours to finish an artwork.

Interested in her painting? Her artwork is being sold worldwide with a starting price of $3,000.

Take a glimpse of her working underwater here:

Video credit: Video Camps


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