Nurse mistook heart attack for muscle strain, warns how women experience heart attacks differently from men


Miraculously saved from a dreaded heart attack, a woman nurse told her story through her Twitter account, hoping of letting other people know how women experience heart attacks differently from men. 

This is what happened when she mistook her heart attack as mere muscle strain.

“It wasn’t what you read in pamphlets.”

Credit: Gwheezie/Twitter

She thought it was muscle strain until she vomited. 

Credit: Gwheezie/Twitter
Photo illustration of emergency unit. Credit: Pixabay

Gwheezie recently helped her neighbor clean out her barn, which answers why she thought that she had strained some muscles.

Credit: Gwheezie/Twitter

She even drove six hours to help her mother who lives in another state before the attack.

Credit: Gwheezie/Twitter

Gwheezie was lucky there were people helping her.

Credit: Gwheezie/Twitter

A Twitter user called Gena Hymowech saw Gwheezie’s tweet and replied that her cousin had a similar ‘strain’ condition as her and agree that it is crucial to warn others about this symptom.

Some thanked Gwheezie for sharing her story and had it checked right away.

Twitter user, CawfeeElf, survived her attack and was said to have the shoulder back pain symptom as Gwheezie too.

Luckily Gwheezie was saved from the heart attack and had amazing people helped her.

Women’s health expert Jennifer Wider told Yahoo Lifestyle that women indeed have it differently when it comes to the heart attack.

“Some women will experience some chest pain, but it may feel different from the typical ‘crushing pain’ that men will describe. Other women might not have chest pain at all,” explained Wider.

“Chest pain is still the number one symptom for men and women, and any symptoms of chest pain should prompt a visit to the emergency room,” said Jennifer Haythe, co-director of the Women’s Center for Cardiovascular Health at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and cardiologist at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia.

“Women are far more likely to develop atypical symptoms for a heart attack including nausea, vomiting, indigestion, shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue, and arm, neck and back pain,” Haythe added.

A nurse that goes by the name of Marie concurred that the classic heart attack symptoms are usually for men.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable or having unusual symptoms, make sure to hit the nearest clinic and get checked out right away. Stay healthy!

Credit: Yahoo Lifestyle


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