37-year-old mother had the shock of her life when she found out she was carrying quintuplets—the hospital staff were overjoyed!


Ultrasounds are a safe and painless way of seeing what is inside the body using sound waves. It’s used during pregnancy so couples can have the first glimpse of their child and doctors can tell them the health of the fetus as well as determine its sex.

Oksana Kobeletska and her husband Sergey already had a daughter and were expecting their second child. During the course of the pregnancy however, Oksana felt as if she was carrying more than one baby in her belly.

True enough, when she and her husband went to the hospital to get her sonogram done, the doctor’s face lit up and nothing could have prepared the couple for what they were about to be told.

37-year-old Oksana gave birth in the city of Odessa in Ukraine to not twins, but quintuplets!

Credit: Facebook/ OdessaFiver

The couple was extremely shocked and almost terrified at the idea of having five mouths to feed.

Credit: Facebook/ OdessaFiver

They were understandably anxious because this meant they had to drastically change their plans for the future in a short period of time.

Credit: Facebook/ OdessaFiver

Oksana said “Nobody in our family has ever had it. There was not a single case of that kind. Generally speaking, I didn’t expect it and never anticipated it”

Credit: Facebook/ OdessaFiver

Oksana arrived at the hospital during her 30th week of pregnancy to deliver her children via C-section. There were 8 doctors and hospital staff waiting for her, all visibly excited as they have never witnessed a delivery like this before.

Credit: Facebook/ OdessaFiver
Credit: Facebook/ OdessaFiver

The delivery went smoothly and the couple welcomed their five children to the world. They have named their three sons and two daughters as follow: Denis, Dariya, Vladislav, Oleksandra, and David.

It is not going to be easy to raise quintuplets especially if you weren’t prepared for it but so far the couple is doing all right. The quintuplets older sister is also doing her part and helping them out!


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