Kind-hearted girl receives Lego parts, button, beads and pearl from the crow she’s been feeding for four years


Often we heard human share a very close relationship with cats or dog, but surely not birds. While some people just avoid birds like crows because they might have seen them as pests, this adorable 8-year-old Gabi Mann from Seattle, Washington treats them differently.

While other people enjoy feeding pigeons, Gabi enjoys feeding the crows.

Credit: Era Baru

It all started when Gabi climbed out of the car and her chicken nugget fell off her lap. The neighborhood crows saw the food she dropped and started wandering over to eat it. Later Gabi no longer dropped her food but started to purposely keep her food scraps to feed the crows.

She would usually leave her food scraps on her way to the bus with her brother.

Credit: Era Baru

Realized that this kind little girl is giving them food, the crows started to wait for Gabi each day when she got off the school bus. Gabi sometimes even gave away her own packed lunches! Learning about this, her mother, Lisa Mann didn’t mind about it at all.

“I’m happy knowing that they love animals and willing to share their food with them.”

Credit: Era Baru

In 2013, Gabi and her mother fed the crows almost every day to the point that it became a routine.

Credit: Era Baru

The courteous crows surely know how to return the favor and started to present Gabi with special gifts.

She received all sorts of things from the crows including Lego pieces, buttons, paperclips, beads and pieces of foam. Gabi’s favorite is a heart-shaped pearl.

Credit: Era Baru

“It shows how much they love me,” said Gabi.

The little girl was stunned upon seeing all the gifts left by the crows for her. She’s thankful for the gifts brought by the crows and cherished them as her treasured possession.

Thinking that the gifts were very special to her, Gabi kept all of them inside a storage bead box and even put labels on them!

Credit: Era Baru

This is definitely one-of-a-kind friendship!

Credit: Era Baru


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