Old couple filmed in the Titanic movie was actually based on a heartbreaking real life story


It’s safe to say that everyone knows the classic movie Titanic for its iconic soundtrack, heart-wrenching scenes as well as the incredible love story portrayed by Jack and Rose. What many people sometimes forget is that this movie was based on a real-life incident.

Isidor Straus, 67, and his wife Ida, 63, almost always traveled together and were rarely apart. They boarded the RMS Titanic which was one of the finest and advanced ships to have been built during its time.

The British passenger liner commenced its maiden voyage on 10 April 1912 with an estimated 2,224 passengers on board. It was making it’s way to New York City from Southampton and was due to complete its journey in a week’s time.

Sadly it never completed it’s voyage as it sank to the depths of the ocean after colliding with an iceberg on 15 April. Approximately 1,500 people lost their lives and among them was an old couple who were featured in the film.

Isidor and Ida Strauss were on board the ship when it sank and their story will leave you in tears.

Isidor was the co-owner of Macy’s department store in New York and as such, was the wealthiest among the men on board. The couple stayed in the most exquisite suite on the ship.

Their wealth and position assured them a place on the lifeboats but Isidor refused the special treatment and waited behind like the rest of the men so that women and children could board first.

When Isidor pleaded for his wife to board the lifeboats, she would not hear of it. Instead she stayed with him on the sinking ship.

Rescuers eventually found Isidor’s body in the water but failed to locate Ida as the depths had mercilessly separated the two

In this chilling scene, we see how Ida was resolute in staying with her husband as she says, “We’ve been together for 40 years. Where you go, I go” and that was final.

Another pair of Jack-and-Rose in the same ship! Such a touching story.

Here is the iconic scene where the ship met its match as it collided with the iceberg just to jog your memory: 


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