Dozens mourned for the passing of Cigo, the K9 police dog. He was shot while chasing for suspect on Christmas Eve.


Cigo the 3-year-old German Shepherd was one truly courageous dog that Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in Florida has seen. Unfortunately, he is also the office’s first K9 police dog to be killed during line of duty.

Cigo – pronounced as see-go was his handler’s first dog. Deputy Ryan and Cigo had worked together for about a year.

The pair was also part of the team that protects President Donald Trump when he visits Palm Beach, according to The Palm Beach Post.

The police tactical team was trying to catch two highly dangerous suspects at the mall’s parking lot and there were shootings involved.

Cigo was not wearing any protective gear at that moment because they were undercover was shot when it went after one of the suspects.

He was later taken to an animal hospital but unfortunately, he did not survive. Cigo did his best until his last breath. The devastating news has left the Sheriff’s Office emotional, especially his handler.

Dozens of officers from the Sheriff’s Office paid last respect to Cigo at the animal hospital.

They were seen waiting in silence as Cigo’s handler moved down the line, accepting words of comfort and hugs from each of them. His handler broke down in tears.

“Remember, the dog did his job and he saved those officer’s lives. We got two very dangerous people off the street. Unfortunately, it took the life of one of our dogs,” said Sheriff Ric Bradshaw to Sun-Sentinel.

The Sheriff’s Office released a statement on Thursday that they are now planning a funeral arrangement for Cigo.

Even a child can understand the loss of a precious dog. After hearing the news of Cigo, a young boy called Cooper wrote a touching letter to comfort the handler of his lost.

Credit: Twitter/ PBSO

K9 Officer like Cigo has multiple responsibilities just like a general police officer, according to K9 Training School.

“Police dogs may accompany their human partners on traffic stops, responding to assistance calls or emergencies, apprehending suspects, and acting as a representative of the police force in public engagements.”

“A K9 officer’s responsibilities go beyond shift hours. A police dog is the officer’s partner at home and at work,” the website wrote.

Credit: WPTV | The Epoch Times Palm Beach Post


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