Man saved dog from a slaughterhouse in Cambodia and she can’t stop giving him hugs


There is a fine line that is drawn between the kinds of animals that can be breed for consumption and the kinds that cannot. Although this distinction is arbitrary most of us can agree that the thought of slaughtering dogs, which are man’s best friend, is simply appalling.

With this being said, there are many countries where dog meat is considered alright for consumption. Michael Chour founded The Sound of Animals over a decade ago when he traveled to Buriram, Thailand during which time the dog meat trade was still legal.

He made it his mission to fight the trade and so he became an advocate for the fight against dog consumption.

Recently when he was in Cambodia he came across a slaughterhouse filled with dogs in cages and he decided he had to do something in order to free these pups.

Chour spoke to the owner of the facility at length and came to an agreement with which he’d let 17 dogs go. One of which got so attached to Chour for saving her life, she couldn’t stop giving him hugs!

The dog named Sweety was visibly shaken and terrified when she was rescued because she did not know what was going to happen to her but after some time, she warmed up to Chour so much so that she did not want to leave his side.

When Sweety got comfortable she was able to interact with the other dogs that Chour had in his shelter. Usually Chour would try and get the dogs to a good home and family to care for them, but since Sweety had made such an impact on him, he decided to keep her as his own.

Watch the precious pup below and see how attached she was to her rescuer:


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