Emotional moment little girl goes teary when she sees her newborn niece for the first time


Nothing can beat the feelings one have when holding a newborn in their arm. The newborn’s soft skin, angelic and the peaceful expressions are enough to melt anyone’s heart, including this adorable little girl.

When sweet-looking girl Tiffany first met her newborn cousin, she never expected to be overwhelmed by the emotions. However, as soon as she got to cradle the newborn in her arms, the little girl’s eyes quickly welled up with tears.

In the video that has made rounds on social media like a wildfire, Tiffany can be seen sitting on a sofa when new mother Miller places her baby Marley Rae in her arms.

Credit: Instagram/@marleyraemama

The little girl then carefully rests her head against Baby Marley Rae before she gives her little niece a sweet peck on the baby’s forehead.

It is apparent that the girl is touched by the baby’s angelic presence that she becomes so moved when she gazes lovingly at the newborn.

The video later continues with Tiffany seems to be overwhelmed by all the emotions she feels when she holds Baby Marley Rae.

Credit: Instagram/@marleyraemama

Her eyes quickly well up with tears that turn the whole moment absolutely emotional.

The video of the overwhelmed-looking Tiffany was later posted on Miller’s Instagram and it has received more than 57,000 likes so far.


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With a caption: “WARNING: you may tear up… this is what happens When you meet your new baby cousin for the first time and your emotions get the best of you!” the video soon caught the internet’s attention as many people fell in love with Tiffany’s adorable reaction

Credit: Instagram/@marleyraemama

One comment wrote, “You can just tell she has the sweetest soul. What a girl she is going to be. And an amazing cousin!”

In another comment, one user wrote, “Oh god, my heart just exploded!!”

“This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. I was starting to cry too!” another comment added.

Credit: Instagram/@marleyraemama

We are sure that Tiffany will be the best sister that Marley Rae ever has in the future!


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