Two police officers tried to break up a flash mob but ended up joining them instead


The Christmas season has come and gone but remnants of the festivities can still be felt lingering in the air. It’s nice to reminisce over all the various events which had been held during the holidays. Of the merry activities that had caught hold of netizens, was a video of a dance group who performed in Aventura Mall, Florida.

The group of dancers got into formation when their song started playing and soon gathered a huge crowd. The flash mob’s energy and enthusiasm were contagious as the audience started clapping to the rhythm with wide smiles on their faces almost immediately.

They busted out moves to Christmas classics including “All I Want for Christmas is You”, “Sleigh Ride” and “Little Drummer Boy”.

The audience even started singing along to these well-known tunes as the dancers performed in front of them.

Credits: Aventura Mall

Towards the end of their performance, however, a couple of mall cops approached the dancers and looked as if they were going to put a stop to the performance but decided to join them instead!

Credits: CBS Miami

The dances were choreographed by Sean Green who established Sean’s Dance Factory back in 2003. This internationally renowned choreographer set up the dance studio to help youths realize their passion for dancing.

He provides scholarships for underprivileged children so they can achieve their dreams. The motto he instills in all his dancers is “the sky is the limit” which is to say, nothing can hold them back from reaching their goals once they set their minds to it.

It was all part of the gimmick but for a brief moment, they had the audience and viewers fooled! Watch their spirited performance below and make sure to stay till the end when the cops make their big entrance:


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