Clever toddler shows how to climb down a bed safely by not giving up easily


For parents, the thoughts of having to child-proof sharp edges around the house and supervise little ones are endless. While many parents sometimes choose to put their baby inside the baby cot, the side rail may not be high enough to prevent the baby from climbing their way out. 

It could be dangerous for them if they ever try to climb out of their baby cot but not for this cheeky toddler. She might be mischievous but she definitely knows what she is doing!

In this adorable video, a toddler can be seen trying to get out of the bed by herself.

For her first attempt, she throws a thin quilt on the floor, thinking that it might give her leverage to land her tiny feet safely.

Credit: Facebook/ Akshara Kisor

Unfortunately, the thin quilt is not enough to support her.

Realizing that her feet is far away from touching the quilt, the baby is hesitant to continue her action.

Credit: Facebook/ Akshara Kisor

The video shows the cute toddler dragging her feet back on the bed.

This time, she throws another quilt on the floor and tries to climb down

Credit: Facebook/ Akshara Kisor

However, her second attempt is also unsuccessful! Later on, she gets a pillow and throws it onto the floor.

The video shows the toddler makes another attempt to climb down and while her feet are able to touch the pillow, she is still quite hesitant.

Credit: Facebook/ Akshara Kisor

So, the toddler throws another pillow onto the pile of quilts and pillow. Luckily, the pillow falls right on top of the quilts and the other pillow that she threw earlier.

The toddler then slowly makes her way down the bed and she finally makes it!

She even smiles at the camera, probably knowing well that she manages to do it all by herself!

Credit: Facebook/ Akshara Kisor

Take a look at the full video below to watch how this clever little girl gets out of the bed by herself.


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