US rapper Snoop Dog wants to adopt dog dumped by the road side—the abandonment video went viral right before Christmas


RSPCA released a video and called it heart-breaking to watch because it shows how a dog was abandoned by its owner a few days before Christmas. The video was watched by millions including US artist, Snoop Dog.

In the video, a man was seen stopping his car by a roadside in Trentham, England where he let his dog out of the car. The man got down too and together with him, he carried a ‘dog bed’ which he laid it on the road as well.

Credit: RSPCA screenshot

It was a white bull terrier and RSPCA vets and staff nick-named it ‘Snoop’. The poor dog was so clueless and excited sniffing around. At this moment, the man quickly ran back towards his car and lock it.

CCTV footage then showed that Snoop was jumping up and down around the car, trying to get back into the car and return to its owner.

Credit: RSPCA screenshot

The police posted on Twitter hoping to get more leads to catch the owner.

This incident has caused outrage and US rapper Snoop Dogg is one of them who felt sad for the dog. He even offered to adopt the pup.

“There is always room for another dog in Casa de Snoop,” he told The Daily Star.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

“If he really needed a home then he has one with us,” Snoop Dogg continued. “But I don’t think there is going to be any shortage of loving homes after all the exposure he has got.”

True enough, not only Snoop Dog showed his interest to adopt the poor dog, dozens of other people such as BBC journalist Andrew Neil, expressed similar desire as well.

Snoop is currently with the RSPCA and will not be rehomed while the investigation into his abandonment is ongoing.

We are relieved that Snoop is being loved and taken well care by the folks in RSPCA!

Watch the heart-breaking video here in Rachel Butler’s tweet below:

Visit RSPCA’s link here to find out how you can help abandoned animals like ‘Snoop’.

Credit: The Daily Star


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