This baby girl was on her own at a train station in China. 13 years later, she became a superstar in America


13 years ago, a newborn baby girl was left at a train station in Hunan, China. The tiny baby was just a month old when her birth mother put her in a cardboard box.

Nameless and unwanted, the poor baby was fortunately found by a kind-hearted stranger who took her to an orphanage.

There, she lived for a year before moving to America with her new parents, Kim and Chuck Walker

Today, the young girl is known as the popular singer, McKenzie Grace Walker

McKenzie’s talent and fame would never be discovered if her foster parents, Chuck and Kim never found and adopted her when she was young.

Thanks to her new parents, she is now a superstar.

McKenzie’s parents discovered her talent shortly after they took her to their home when they realised McKenzie has an incredible talent in singing.

At first, her mother noticed that McKenzie could imitate sounds and songs with a perfect pitch, always sang when she played and would always jumped at the chance of singing and performing in front of her parents.

Chuck and Kim Walker, McKenzie’s foster parents

“It happened when we just arrived home from China. The alarm clock went off and McKenzie heard the alarm and walked over to the clock. The alarm was a rooster crowing. She really surprised us when she imitated the crowing sound with the right notes and pitch.” said Kim

They knew that McKenzie had a potential in singing career so they took her to vocal classes. Gradually, McKenzie’s talent was unleashed and soon, she began her career in music as a singer.

“It was pretty obvious that music is a huge part of herself”

Now, she does concert tour around the country at exclusive venues like huge stadiums at sporting events. In 2015, McKenzie signed a record deal with Mansion Entertainment. She was given a chance to sing gospel songs for church.

Even though she has become a well-known artist, McKenzie never forgets her roots.

McKenzie is now partnered with an international organisation to help build orphanages for unfortunate children like she was before and wished to spread awareness about adoption through her songs

Kim and Chuck believed that everything has a reason; why McKenzie’s birth mother abandoned her, why she was destined to move to America and blessed with amazing voice. It was all for McKenzie to use her talent for a good cause just like McKenzie’s favourite verse, Jeremiah 29:11, “I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

We are totally inspired by McKenzie’s goals to help others who are unfortunate through her talent and we are looking forward to seeing her career takes off to the next level. What do you think of her story? If you like her story, why not click ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ it with your friends and family!


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