What started of as a dream led Utah couple to adopt Ukrainian girl and and her sister


In 2002, Nanette and Vern Garrett decided to adopt a little girl from Ukraine named Emily. However, it was not until six months after they brought the girl home that they realized the adoption had a heartbreaking story behind it.

The Garrett couple who came from Utah had always dreamed of a large family.

The two had seven biological children but they wanted to add another family member into their already big family.

Unfortunately, the couple had a hard time to conceive that they began looking for other alternatives and one of them was adoption. However, it was not until one night that pushed the couple to adopt a child.

In a video entitled “Save A Child Foundation”, Nanette spoke about the dream that led her to adopt.

“I had a dream about a little girl, and she was sitting on my lap. I knew that she was mine. She was about two or three years old in my dream, but it was very distinct,” Nanette said.

The dream was so vivid that she could still remember what she saw in it, bit by bit.

“Emily was her name, and she was given to me in that dream,” Nanette said. “I just knew that I was going to have a little Emily.” 

Just shortly after the dream, Nanette and Vern received a pamphlet about adoptions in Russia and Ukraine. To Nanette, she thought that it was a sign for her to find the girl that appeared in her dream. It did not take long for the couple to fly to Ukraine later to find the Emily that Nanette dreamed earlier.

“We flew over to Ukraine, and went over to the National Adoption Center. [We] started looking for our child. They gave us several books to look through, and we looked for hours.”

After hours of searching for the girl, Nanette stumbled on a picture of a girl that resembled a lot like the girl in her dream. Following that, the couple later decided to adopt the girl in the picture who they later named Emily.

The adoption went smooth and even Emily felt an instant connection with the couple. However, Vern had an instinct that there was something going on when she saw Emily shed sad tears as they left the orphanage.

“She was very somber, not really emotional but a little tear, so I knew there was something going on,” he said.

Six months later, the couple received an unexpected letter. It was from Emily’s older sister, Elizabeth. It turned out that Elizabeth was quite devastated when she knew that Emily was adopted by the couple. However, she was grateful that the Garretts decided to adopt Emily.

The letter read, ” ‘I’m so grateful my little sister has a family, I’m grateful she’s being taken care of. I’ve never met you before, but I want you to know that I love you.’”

Touched by Elizabeth’s words, the couple later decided to adopt her as well. When they returned home from Ukraine with Elizabeth, Nanette and Vern knew that they made the right decision.

“We were walking down the terminal, and Elizabeth suddenly identified Emily and just broke into a dead run. They came to each other and embraced, and without exaggerating I would say it’s a good minute that they held each other,” Vern said.

What started as just a dream became a new hope for two young girls to find a new life together. The two sisters are now a part of the Garrett’s big family and they could not be happier.

Watch the full story about the heartwarming adoption of the two sisters here.

Credit: Scribol


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