Crowds gather around this Japanese man taking a stroll with his giant pet tortoise through the streets of Tokyo


It’s the duty of a pet owner to take their pets out and about for a walk from time to time and let them enjoy the outdoors. A good dose of physical exertion will do their pets good and the owners can get a workout out of it as well because it can be quite tough to keep up the same pace as your pets.

However, that does not apply to this Japanese man who has been spotted in Tokyo strolling the streets with his giant pet tortoise.

The owner bought the African spurred tortoise from a marketplace twenty years ago. It weighs more than 154 pounds now and its shell diameter has reached 30 inches.

The owner has been seen to walk at a comfortably slow pace while his pet shuffles alongside him.

It is so huge that small children can hop on it’s back and ride it!

Sometimes the giant tortoise can be seen dawning adorable outfits which it’s owner had lovingly dressed it up in. The pair gather a lot of attention when they go on their walks because people are amazed at what they’re seeing.

The man has been dubbed “the most patient pet owner” because he struts at a tortoise pace all the way.

Despite what people may say or think, the pair seems content to walk in each other’s company and that’s all that matters.

See how patient he is as he walks beside his tortoise in the video below:


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