Cashier tried to help a lost girl with luggages in the cold weather and shares his story


A cashier who works at a 7-Eleven branch in Hsinchu, Taiwan shared his experience when he worked on a night shift at the store. That night, the weather was unbelievably cold and as he stood at the counter thinking that no one would come to the store, a girl entered with two big luggage.

In a post that the cashier posted on his social media profile, he described the night as windy and cold as the rain kept pouring down since afternoon.

So, when the girl entered the store, he thought that she may have wanted to find shelter from the heavy downpour and asked for directions.

However, another thought came to his mind when he saw the girl looked sad with her downcast eyes.

The cashier then thought that there must be something going on and that the girl might be in a tough situation.

It turned out that the girl was not from Taiwan. She came all the way to Hsinchu to further her undergraduate degree. Unfortunately, because of the unexpected tuition fees and the high living cost, she could no longer able to support herself and was short of money.

“She came to the store in the early morning, and she looked very tired,” the cashier recalled.

“After chatting for a while, I found out that she was a student and was short of money. She might have to go back to her home country.”

Since the situation was out of his hand, the cashier could not really offer help but to buy the girl some food. “It’s the least I could do for her,” he wrote.

The cashier then bought the girl a meal and a hot drink before she continued her journey to her destination after the rain stopped.

The cashier wrote further in his post that although he might not be able to help her financially, he hoped that the meal at least would help cheer her up.

“It’s just small things but I hope that my story would remind others to always help those who are in need,” he wrote at the end of his post.

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