Sandra Bullock admits she had a massive crush on Keanu Reeves while filming ‘Speed’


Almost 25 years on since the release of award-winning Speed, America star Sandra Bullock admits she still has a crush on her co-star Keanu Reeves.

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Speaking of their time filming the 1994 blockbuster together, the actress told The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week how “handsome” and “sweet” Keanu was to her when they worked side-by-side.

The 54-year-old actress, who has also starred in Oceans Eight and the recent Netflix hit Bird Box, said she found it “hard” to focus on set when Keanu with around.

Credit: Facebook/ Speed

“It was hard for me to, like, really be serious. He would look at me, and I would, like, [nervous laughter],” Sandra told the show’s host, Ellen DeGeneres.

And not only did Sandra find her co-star irresistible in the looks department, she also thinks he is a true gentleman. 

Keanu even helped her with any wardrobe malfunctions during the film’s stunts.

Credit: Facebook/ Speed

“My dress sort of kept flying up…So, I said, ‘Whatever you do, just keep my dress down. The whole stunt, he just made sure my dress [was kept down]….It was very sweet,” Sandra said.

Sadly, Sandra said she never hit it off off-screen with Keanu, and joked that maybe he didn’t like something about her, while Ellen tried to convince her that wasn’t the case.

“”[I] never dated him. There was something about me I guess he didn’t like,” the actress laughed.

“He was probably intimidated,” Ellen quipped.

In the action thriller film, Canadian actor Keanu, 54, plays a young police officer named Jack who had to stop a bomb from exploding on a city bus, while Sandra plays a bus passenger named Annie, who takes the wheel after the bus driver is wounded.

Credit: Facebook/ Speed

Watch Sandra’s interview in the clip below: 

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