Boyfriend was cheated $880,023 by 42yo girlfriend who pretended to be 28


A 42-year-old lady from China was able to pull off a high-profile scam involving 6 million yuan ($880,023) by using only heavy makeup to transform herself into a beautiful young girl.

The woman allegedly passed off as a 28-year-old through a makeover and with the help of photo retouching app, Photoshop to deceive her boyfriend.

Identified as Wang JingJing, the woman later posed as a younger woman and used her altered photos to get to know Li Xiaoqing,30, who came from Shenzen through social media. The two later became a couple.

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Throughout their relationship, JingJing asked Xiaoqing to transfer money to her in multiple batches from 2016 to the end of 2017, totalling 6 million yuan ($880,023).

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However, it was in March 2018 that Li’s older brother, Li Daqing filed a police report that 6 million yuan had been stolen from their family’s business’ bank account. Daqing later confronted Xiaoqing about the missing funds since he was in charge of the bank account.

Eventually, Xiaoqing confessed that he transferred the money to his girlfriend JingJing.

JingJing has claimed that she was well-acquainted with the insiders in the investment industry that Xiaoqing agreed to invest some money through her.

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She has also used several excuses including family’s gambling debt in Macau and that her mother suffered from a stroke to get money from Xiaoqing.

According to Shanghaiist, more than 150 transfers were made in between 2016 and 2017 with a sum totalling 7 million yuan (US$ 1.02 million) but JingJing later transferred 1 million yuan (US$ 146,670) to Xiaoqing after claiming that she made “dividends” off the investment.

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Police later revealed that JingJing was born in 1976 as opposed to 1990 as she claimed to Xiaoqing.

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It was also reported that Xiaoqing was unable to identify JingJing with her identity card.

According to him, JingJing always wore heavy makeup whenever they went out together. A spokesman for the police said, “If I hadn’t studied her for such a long time, I wouldn’t have been able to identify her at all when I saw her in real life.”

JingJing later confessed to her crimes and said that she also had a 20-year-old son.


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