Playful baby elephant taps on trainer with his trunk to get his attention


This adorable baby elephant will try to do anything to get his trainer’s attention and he knows just the cutest way to do so that his trainer will not be able to say no. 

In a heartwarming YouTube video that has melted millions of hearts on social media, the elephant calf named Khunsuk can be seen approaching his trainer, Dan Daeng, 20.

Meanwhile, Dan Daeng is busy painting bamboo poles a new coat of paint at the Mae-Sa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The elephant calf then can be seen extending his trunk through his enclosure to tap on Dan Daeng’s leg.

Screenshot: YouTube

The playful elephant continues tapping on Dan Daeng’s body although he clearly tries to ignore him in order to finish his painting.

Seeing his trainer does not respond to his tap, Khunsuk later climbs the fence and rest his front feet on the fence before using his trunk to ruffle Dan Daeng’s hair.

“I didn’t notice him behind me until he touched my leg with his trunk. He just wanted to play but I was busy painting,” he said.

“Khunsuk has more energy than any elephant I have seen. He’s very cute.”

How can one say no to this adorable baby elephant. He is just too cute!

Screenshot: YouTube

The one-year-old elephant is obviously in the mood to play as he continues to tap on Dan Daeng’s head with his trunk.

Just look at his expression when his trainer finally responds to him! Watch the full video to see how playful Khunsuk is

Credit: YouTube/Viral Press 


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