Hong Kong’s most beautiful transporter thanks to her good looks and toned arms


This beautiful young lady may be working full-time as a transporter but she has made records of breaking the internet back in 2017 thanks to her good looks and strong physique.

Photos of 31-year-old Zhu Qianpei carrying heavy goods and making deliveries has made rounds on the internet.

Screenshot: YouTube

At first glance, she could have been mistaken as an actress but Qianpei earns a living by transporting goods around the shop alleys in Hong Kong.

Screenshot: YouTube

When her photos became viral on social media in 2017, Qianpei got approached by many people who wanted to take selfies with her.

She is currently living in Hong Kong alone as her father lives in China while her mother resides in Taiwan.

According to Dimsum Daily, she has been working as a transporter for more than a decade. The job may be tough for a petite woman like Qianpei.

However, she said that she enjoyed working as a transporter best than other jobs.

Screenshot: YouTube

In an interview with Apple Daily (Hong Kong), she said, “I’m the happiest when I’m delivering stuff.”

I feel free, and there’s no office politics. The pay is rather good too. It’s enough for myself.”

Screenshot: YouTube

A transporter in Hong Kong usually earns between HKD13,000 and HKD14,000 (US$1658 – US$1785). The pay increases for heavier goods such as dried foods and oil.

Even though the job can be physically demanding, Qianpei said that instead of looking at it as a job, she looked at it as a chance for her to work out.

Screenshot: YouTube

“I look at it as exercising and training my body. But the job can get stressful at times when I have to rush to various locations and when customers tell me to hurry up and deliver the goods quickly.”

Screenshot: YouTube

Qianpei knew well that she would not be able to continue being a porter forever.

Hence, the Hong-Kong born is now planning to get a heavy-duty truck license so she can earn more money in the future.

Screenshot: YouTube

Credit: Dimsum Daily | Apple Daily


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