Man reunited with the abandoned newborn he rescued from a telephone box 22 years ago


What would you do if you found an abandoned newborn in the public? How would you react if this really happened?

Joe Campbell never expected to find a newborn in a telephone box when he wanted to make a call 22 years ago.

The then 30-year-old man found Kiran Sheikh who was only two hours old in a telephone box in Forest Gate, East London.

Credit: Daily Mail

He initially thought that someone left their chip wrapper on the floor instead of throwing it in the bin. “As I was walking towards the phone box, I could see what looked like chip wrappers on the floor – it annoyed me that people couldn’t pick up their mess,” he said.

“But just before I got to the door, I realized there was a tiny life form wrapped inside. She was an innocent, sweet little thing, just laying there gargling. As far as I can see, I did what anyone else would have done.”

Photo illustration of a telephone box. (Credit: Wikimedia)

Campbell quickly called the police and the newborn was later sent to Newham General Hospital where she was named ‘April’ after the month of her birth and Campbell’s surname.

Credit: Daily Mail

However, Baby April was later adopted by another family who renamed her to Kieran Sheikh. Campbell later tried to keep in touch with Kieran and he also asked if he could adopt her but was told ‘No’ because he was not married at the time.

Nevertheless, Kieran’s adoptive parents later revealed to her when she was eight years old about her birth story. 14 years later, Kieran determined to search Campbell to express her gratitude.

“I am so overwhelmed, this is unbelievable. I’ve been waiting 15 years to meet him and he’s finally here. He was the second person to hold me after my mother, it’s incredible,” she said.

Credit: Daily Mail

Thanks to Campbell’s selfless and quick action, Kieran was able to survive despite being abandoned in a telephone box on a cold night.

“But it’s one of the happiest days of my life because I never stopped looking for her—I was always hopeful that someday, somehow I’ll find her before I finally part this world,” said Campbell when asked about the reunion.

Credit: Daily Mail

“She is my family – I told her, I said you’ve got siblings, OK we’re not blood-related, but we are.”

Credit: Daily Mail


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