25 perfectly synched photos captured at the right place, at the right time


Although great photography skill is a nice-to-have, but sometimes it’s more about being able to capture the perfect moment at the right place and at the right time. Here is a collection of perfectly synchronized photos that no one would imagine taking and the results are hilarious but some can be creepy too.

  1. Beautiful ray of lights at the right moment.

2. ‘Angel’ firefighter in Mexican earthquake.

3. Bumblebee carrying the source of light.

4. Was taking random photo of my mother and caught this scene by the balcony.

5. The struggles of a substitute teacher.

6. A glow in the least expected places.

7. When the time is right.

8. Sunset below the dock.

9. Perfectly captured wave droplet.

10. Trying to transport the sun.

11. Suspicious hair.

12. ‘Tree hair’.

13. Dad saved the day!

14. Multiple wind turbines, all in a row.

15. Lighting and rainbow in one photo.

16. Watching TV with my feet up when suddenly..

17. I love y’all.

18. When a trout gulps down a lobster.

19. Seen at the Tel Aviv airport, Israel.

20. Ostrich girl. 

21. My cat has the perfect abs.

22. Coughing a calf.

23. What do you call this beast?

24. My dog loves coffee too.

25. Moment when it seems that Dilma Rousseff is being stabbed.


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